Setting the trend Sugarbakers and the Gilded Indulgence

Jas Jhol on June 14, 2014

After hard day’s work where do you go to wind down? I bet not many of you have come across this amazing night club in Cape Town South Africa called Gilded Indulgence. Would you believe that just a short time ago this was just another run down almost derelict building. But take a look now, an array of lounges surround a central circular bar amongst which you can find The Peacock Lounge with its signature cobalt, the Saffron Lounge in gold and crimson, the Opium Den with changing mood back-light, all under heavily flocked paper ceilings. The dance floor under LED gold-colour spirals, its decoration is just outstanding, exciting making it the place to be. This is the result of interior decorators and designers sugarbakers Andre Meeuwis and Jas Jhol and their dynamic team, whose combination of skills has brought them success over many continents, a team who are not afraid of being original making them top trend setters in today’s world.

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